My relationship – Polly and Joe

Polly and Joe met in 2009 when they were both students at college.

They were instantly attracted to each other and gradually fell in love. They started out by going on dates together and became a couple over the following years. They started staying overnight at each other’s family homes and soon became part of each other’s families.

They had a five year anniversary party in 2014 when they got engaged.

In May 2016 they had the most amazing wedding with nearly 200 guests, all of whom were close friends and family who had been involved with Polly and Joe all their lives.

They both worked hard planning the wedding, choosing the venue, the menu, the bridesmaids and best man. They had great fun choosing music that was meaningful to each of them and chose their first dance which made many of the guests shed a tear as they had choreographed a beautiful dance.

Polly’s mum says:

“Polly is the more outgoing personality of the two, Joe is more the strong and silent one.  Together they are stronger as their strengths and weaknesses help the other.  They have a complete and full relationship, and are completely comfortable with each other in every situation.  Polly lives in a self-contained annexe, and to start with Joe will stay over 2-3 days a week.  We are going to let their situation evolve gradually.”

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