My Morning Routine | By Vinay

Vinay, our colleague in the Information team, has been adapting to working from home on Wednesdays. He’s shared his morning routine with us so we can see what he does to get ready for the day. Having a good morning routine can be very helpful in keeping you motivated to get up in the mornings. It helps us have some structure to our day and start the day by doing things that’s are good for us.

I get up in the morning, out of my bed and open my curtains wide and let some light in.

Then I have a relaxed bath to wake up and clean.

First thing in the morning it’s important to stretch your arms.

Then I do exercise for ten minutes, normally with the hoover around the house. This is a good exercise to stretch your arms properly. It also helps keep your house tidy! Sometimes I go for a walk instead.

Then I take a pillow and lie down on the floor with my eyes shut for ten minutes and relax. This is good for your mind. The Downs Syndrome Association relaxation recording (work in progress) will help as a guide if you want to give this a try. A benefit of this recording is that people can do it at home or in the garden.

When I feel more relaxed, I begin writing my thoughts on a note pad, it helps clear my mind and gets me ready for doing some work.

Sometimes I like to read Down2Earth magazine as well, I always keep these available. It helps me to know about the lives of other people who have Down’s syndrome.

I then make a cup of tea or coffee and start my day.

At the end of my morning routine I feel more happy in myself, I feel good.

I do it on Monday to Friday, it makes me more comfortable and cosier at home. Anything you are doing at home to look after yourself will help you a lot.

Thank You,