Musical review: The Addams Family

by Kate Powell, Down2Earth Magazine editor

What a funny show, this was full of comedy and a lots of laughs.

This musical version will send you going home in stitches. It’s hilarious you must go and see this show it is witty and it’s a feel good show.

We seriously loved this show.  This musical is worth seeing if you can book to see it. It’s brilliant, it has good characters and scenery, you will love the music and the acting is really good.

If you have seen The Addams Family, the black and white programme, you will love this show.

The Addams family is about a family who live in a castle in America, so when people come to visit it’s like a museum to them. The show itself is like a Halloween spoof, there is a smoke machine and the songs are great to hear and you will see some dance and some romance.

I will give this show 38 stars.