Meet Katherine…

Proud mum, Stella, has recently got in touch to tell us about her daughter, Katherine’s lifetime and more recent achievements.

“My daughter Katherine is 33. She gained 5 GCSEs at high school. She spent two years at college. For the past 10 years she has worked part time in paid employment for Morrison’s supermarket which she loves. Last year, she moved into her own home with shared 24-hour care, which is wonderful.

Following a health check at the doctors, she decided to attend Slimming World and join a gym. As a result of some very hard work and better food choices, Katherine lost 3 & 1/2 stones. She dropped from a clothes size 20 to a size 12. She did this by eating smaller portions and going to the gym twice a week. Also, swimming an average 25 lengths a week and walking everywhere she could. This all resulted in Katherine being voted Slimming World Woman of the Year 2019. I am so immensely proud of her. It is such an amazing achievement and she looks great.

Katherine is also a member of Jigsaw (a wonderful local group) that supports young adults with learning and/or physical disabilities to do sport and attend many social outings and holidays. Katherine works as a volunteer in the office a few days a month and is also chair of fundraising. She also joins in with many of the activities.

Jigsaw nominated Katherine for a sports award in Bury at the Town Hall. Against tough opposition, she won a trophy for the ‘Changing Lifestyle’ award. Presented to her by Stacey Copeland, the Commonwealth Boxing Ladies Champion and Ex England Footballer. Katherine will now go on to the grand North West Finals at Old Trafford Cricket Club in Manchester. Just some of Katherine’s many achievements. I am proud of her and everything she has done.”

Amazing work Katherine, you must be very proud of yourself!