“Meet Jeffrey and Christopher, two remarkable young men…”

By Beth Harper, author of ‘God’s Amazing Gifts’

Beth is a SEN teacher from Cambridgeshire and an avid supporter of the DSA.

Beth had, in her words, “the most incredible upbringing”. Her elder brother Jeffrey has Down’s syndrome and her parents adopted another child with Down’s Syndrome, Christopher, completing their family of six children.

Earlier this year Beth published her book and we are very happy to stock it in our online shop.

Written over the last twelve years it chronicles the path that her life has taken in her most unusual of upbringings. The book overflows with love, pride and an unwavering belief in her siblings Jeffrey and Christopher. 

Last year I ran the London Marathon for the DSA.

This year, I published my book ‘God’s Amazing Gifts‘. There’s a saying that everyone has a story inside of them…this book is mine.

I knew when I was a young child, that I was lucky. That I was so very blessed to have two siblings with Down’s syndrome and that one day I would share this story with anyone who would hear it.

I imagined our lives would never change and that the story would have no ending. It won’t.

But our lives have taken a very unexpected turn since I began writing this at the age of eighteen. There is still a tale to tell, but a tale that at times, will break your heart.

God’s Amazing Gifts‘ is the story of how two boys and their extra chromosomes have enriched, challenged and embraced the wonderful journey called life. The story of how that extra chromosome has stolen and broken hearts.

I make no excuse for my brothers, I will not apologise for their unique set of skills, talents and needs. I want to shout from the rooftops the joys they have bought to this world.

Their’s is a story worth reading…I guarantee you will laugh out loud, bawl your eyes out and be left reflecting on life.

Meet Jeffrey and Christopher Harper, two remarkable young men.

Within 72 hours of releasing this book, over one hundred and fifty copies had been sold across the UK, Australia and India. And these are some of the reviews so far..

“Wow. Wow. Wow. I have just read your book and I am totally amazed. I heard your voice through it all, reading in awe and learning about your two wonderful brothers. Beth, you have been truly blessed in your life to have such love and fond memories and I thank you for sharing these through your book. I didn’t want it to end.”

“Beth, I couldn’t put your book down. I lay awake reading it through the night. It is incredible and so heart-wrenchingly honest. I have flitted between laughter and tears in the final chapters. Without a doubt you have done Jeff and Chris proud. I hope that many many people read it and are able to get to know your brothers through their story. It is movingly brilliant!”

“Just finished the book Beth, I couldn’t put it down. Very emotional reading it towards the end. Thank you for sharing such a personal journey.”

“I have just finished your book. I am dumbstruck by the immensely life affirming story you have so lovingly told. I want to cry. Stunning, my friend, an absolutely stunning and life changing read. Thank you is simply not enough.”

“What can  I say? I have laughed out loud and cried big fat tears. Thankyou for reminding me to live life loud and proud. Amazing.”