Meet film star and artist Emma

Artist Emma has had her work displayed at the Tate Modern and is also the star of an award-winning documentary showcasing her life. The Sky is the Limit was made by Emma’s mother Mirka and has won 28 awards to date from Hawaii to Bhutan.

We caught up with Emma to find out more about her life..

Hi I am Emma. I am 37 and live in North Hertfordshire with my mum. I have one sister Sophie. I also have family in Poland.

I am an artist and spend three days a week at the Rowan Art Studio in Cambridge. I love working in clay and had many of my pieces were exhibited in various places in England. Some years ago, my paintings were chosen by a panel of judges at Tate Modern in London.

I like the 80s music and rock music – Aerosmith is my favourite! I like films like Rock of Ages. My favourite football team is Man United and my favourite serials are EastEnders, Casualty and Holby City. I used to horse-ride for RDA and love travelling.

I have travelled all over the world with my mum and two years ago we went to Oaxaca in Mexico where they screened my mum’s documentary about my life called The Sky is the Limit. It made me famous as mum submitted it to many international film festivals. To date we have 28 awards from Hawaii to Bhutan.

In lockdown I have sessions on Zoom organized by the Rowan staff and we do yoga, drama, music and movement. I also do drawing caricatures, word searches and a lot of dancing and singing. Every Tuesday I speak on the phone to my friend Alison.

My biggest dream at the moment is to go back to normal as I miss Rowan, staff and my fellow friends. I am dreaming about going back to travelling and doing my favourite – The 80s music cruise in USA. My mum is writing a book about her life in England – she came here 50 years ago from Poland- and our travels. Next she will write my life story …