Meet Charlie…

Charlie in his garden - Channel 4 show Alone at HomeHello. My name is Charlie and I am sixteen years old.

I like football, swimming, basketball and playing on my x box. I like watching wrestling on TV and I also like to watch films on TV.  I especially like super hero films or ones with dinosaurs in.

I live at home with my Mum and Dad and my sister Lola and my brother Charlie. We have three dogs and a guinea pig too. I am in the Post 16 part of my high school.

During the summer our family took part in an experiment for Channel 4 where my Mum and Dad left the house for four days and me and my brother and sister were left alone at home for four days. There were cameras in the house watching everything we did and people followed us with a camera if we went out, but unless we got in to trouble nobody interfered and we could do whatever we wanted! I was excited when they went and I only missed them a little bit. We had to cook and do everything for ourselves.

My sister was a bit bossy like my Mum and tried to make me go to the shops to get food, but I was playing on my x box so I told her to go away. My brother who is very annoying and loud invited his friends over and we had a massive water-fight in the garden which I really enjoyed. I ate loads and loads of pizzas and drank lots of fizzy Fanta. Normally I am only allowed that on Friday. That was ‘ten out of ten’ good!

Charlie and his family in their garden Channel 4 programme Alone at Home

We also went to the trampoline centre and then for a pizza. I had to ask for my own food. Sometimes I am scared to speak in public because my speech isn’t always clear and I find it difficult. Part of the reason why my Mum and Dad took part in the TV show was to make me more confident about doing things for myself. Since they came back they have been making sure that we all do lots more things for ourselves.  My jobs include bringing the shopping in from the car, washing the cars, putting my washing away, unloading the dishwasher and cleaning the guinea pig out. It’s very stinky!

Also my Mum and Dad said they wanted to take part to show that having Down’s syndrome is not a bad thing and nothing to be scared of and people who have it are just like everyone else. We are just a normal family. We are a bit crazy though.

I called the show ‘Four Big Sleeps’ but really it is called ‘Alone at Home’ and is on the TV on 16 November at 8pm on Channel 4 and if you miss it, it will be their catch up station All4.

I hope you like it!