Luke’s dancing success

Luke’s dance teacher at Dance 21 got in touch with us to tell us about his success after he won the Bam Bam Boogies Dance Battle in Essex. He was also awarded the Brian Jiggins Award, something Dance 21 gives out termly to their dancers.

Here is a little bit more about Luke and what he enjoys…

Luke turned 24 on the 28th November 2018 and joined Dance 21 around 15 years ago.

He likes watching live WWE Wrestling and loves anything to do with Jurassic Park and dinosaurs.

He keeps very busy playing most sports and enjoys trampolining, swimming, going to the gym as well as going to various clubs with friends.

Luke had a stem cell and bone graft operation on his left leg in January 2016 and spent 3 months in a leg brace and wheelchair. However, he doesn’t complain or let this get in his way of dancing or enjoying himself.

He loves having a laugh, being a joker and is very kind and caring to his friends.

Ultimately Luke wants to be on TV, doing what he loves.

Here is the video of Luke at the Bam Bam Boogies Dance Battle:

Many congratulations Luke!

Thank you to Luke’s dance teacher Jean and his mum Beverley for sharing this news with us.