Lily’s festive lockdown venture

Hi my name is Lily I am 18 years old. I live with my mum (Sally) my dad, Paul and my sister Lucy.  I have 3 dogs Rosie, Bonnie and Maggie I enjoy walking and playing with them. My sister is a Maths Teacher.

I like dressing smartly and have had my hair dip dyed. I had my nails done for my birthday and end of school prom. I like going to college with my friends and I also work 2 days a week in my former school’s kitchen. Chef Mark is teaching me to cook and I passed my level 1 food safety last week.

Because of Covid I now have to stay at home to keep safe. I missed all my friends and I was very bored. Christmas is a special time so I started to make some Christmas cards for fun then I thought I could sell them to raise money for charity. I choose the Down’s Syndrome Association because they help people like me and their families. I am selling them for £1 each and have sold 123 so far. My favorite one is if a xmas tree with decorations.

I am very excited about Christmas and spending time with my Sister and seeing my Nanny. The best thing I like about Christmas is all nice party food yum yum.

I am a member of the Lavender Hill Mob theatre company and I take part in pantomimes and singing. I was playing Nurse Crumpet in Robin Hood this Christmas but this has been canceled because of Coivd. I also like Athletics where I compete in shot putt this is also canceled at the moment.

In the future I would like to become a chef in the schools kitchen and cook nice healthy food for the students.

It is important that we all keep busy during lockdown I like dancing to music, playing on my Nintendo Switch, drawing and colouring. Also you can try cooking I have made some cakes and bread rolls for my family.

You might like to make some Christmas cards also and sell them to friends and family for the Down’s Syndrome Association.

Thank you for reading my blog Lily xxx