Life Through the Lense of Christopher Diedo

Christopher Diedo says photos do the talking for him. His first major public exhibition was seen by more than 3,000 visitors at the Mick Jagger Centre in Dartford, and he’s since shown off his skills at various galleries in London – including at the OXO Tower – as well as taking his talent overseas, showcasing his work in Malta and New York.

Christopher, who has significant to severe learning difficulties and associated speech and language problems, was introduced to photography by his father Andrew, who is an amateur photographer. He’d often pick up the camera when they spent time together as a family at the seaside or countryside, and it was on a trip to the Mick Jaggar Centre that Christopher approached the managed and asked her if he could hold a photographic exhibition, there. She answered: ‘Why not?’ and the rest is history.

We asked Christopher a few questions about his photography…

Why do you love photography so much?

Because when I do well at photography competitions I sometimes get to meet famous people like Honey from Eastenders and Dame Judi Dench, when I look part in the My Perspective competition in 2016.

Does having a learning disability get in the way of your photography?

No, I always like to give everything a try.

How does photography allow you to express yourself?

My photographs do the speaking for me.

What would you say to anyone else with a learning disability that wants to get into photography?

Keep taking pictures, lots of them. Enjoy photography and show your pictures to others so they can enjoy them too.

What’s been the highlight of your photography career?

Flying to New York with my sister for the opening of an exhibition I had pictures in. I visited Central Park and sang ‘Imagine’ at John Lennon’s memorial.

Thanks Christopher!

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