Let’s Talk About Relationships and Sex

The Information and Training Team have spent much of the last year developing a new eight week training course package for adults with Down’s syndrome covering all aspects of relationships and sex education (RSE).

Whilst most people with Down’s syndrome will have had access to some form of RSE at school, the timescales of these do not usually allow for the repetition, reinforcement and depth of teaching needed for people to fully understand some of the complex issues involved.

There is also an assumption with typical RSE that young people will pick up certain things on their own or from their peers, which young people with Down’s syndrome are less likely to do. This can lead to a lack of understanding in adulthood, from the practicalities of sexuality and relationships to the laws and rights surrounding them.

In response to this need, we have created a training package specifically designed for the learning strengths and challenges of people with Down’s syndrome that can be delivered by service providers and carers.

This has been piloted by New Key, a care provider in the South West of England. The trainers really enjoyed the process and are very keen to run the course again.

The participants said:

“I enjoyed the course and have found most of it easy to understand.”

“I have learnt that it is OK to say no.”

“I have learnt not to tell the bus driver about my sex life.”

Parents, carers and service providers are supported by a comprehensive trainers guide with weekly slide-shows and a range of visual materials and activities.

UPDATE December 2019: The training resource is now available to purchase in our online shop and a RSE resource for teenagers will be coming soon.