Let the 50th Celebrations Begin!

This year is a very exciting one for us here at the Down’s Syndrome Association (DSA) as we are celebrating our 50th birthday!

In the last 50 years, people with Down’s syndrome have made amazing strides forward. That’s why we want to make 2020, the DSA’s 50th anniversary, a year of celebration.

We’ll be sharing the stories of people with Down’s syndrome who have lived, thrived and surpassed expectations through the last 50 years as well as celebrating the role that the DSA has played, and continues to play, in radically changing the landscape for people with Down’s syndrome… in education, health, employment and awareness, and understanding in society as a whole.

Here’s just some of the ways we’ll be marking our 50th year:

  • Special photography exhibition – featuring 50 people with Down’s syndrome curated by Richard Bailey at the Langdon Down Centre.
  • Oral Histories project – we’ll be hearing from people over 50 and their families, learning about their life and memories over the past 50 years.
  • Afternoon Tea – we’ll be hosting special afternoon teas for people with learning disabilities at the Langdon Down Centre.
  • 50 skydivers – fundraisers will be jumping out of a plane on World Down Syndrome Day to raise funds and awareness.
  • WorkFit – will  be signing up 50 new employers and taking 50 new video clips of candidates in jobs that they love.
  • DSActive – will be launching new sports and more new sessions as well as making sure their festivals are even bigger than before.
  • The Information Team – will be sending free Helpline information to 250 maternity services and working hard to get our Relationship and Sex Education resources used by 50 different adult support providers.

Check out #DSA50 and #OurStories on our social media and you’ll see all the ways we are sharing your stories and making this year one to remember.

We have been very fortunate to receive funding for some of our 50th birthday projects from the Heritage Lottery Fund and thank all players of the National Lottery for making this project possible.

In this blog, our Chief Executive Carol Boys talks us through 50 years of the Down’s Syndrome Association…