Keeping our Weight Healthy

By the Information Team

Sometimes it can be hard to keep our weight healthy.

Some things can make it harder to stay healthy.

If you have a thyroid problem it can be harder to lose weight.

Some food that is not healthy, like crisps and chocolate, can be very tasty and we might eat too much of it.

Sometimes we can be too tired to exercise.

All of these things can make us put on too much weight.

It is important for us to keep our weight healthy, or this can be bad for your body.

If you have put on some extra weight, there are some ways to help you get your weight healthy.

Apples Image courtesy of MarcoRoosink on pixabay.comHere are some ideas for managing our weight:

Healthy eating

Eating less unhealthy foods, like takeaways and biscuits, and eating more healthy foods, like fruit and vegetables, can help us manage our weight.

Have a look at our Easy Read booklet on healthy eating on the DSA website:

Some people go to slimming clubs, like Weight Watchers or Slimming World. These clubs teach people what foods are good to eat to help us get our weight healthy. These can be good to go to with friends or family.

Putting less food on our plates and drinking plenty of water are other ways to help manage our weight.

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To get our weight healthy it is important to exercise. There are some free, easy ways to exercise like going for a walk, or joining your local Parkrun.

You might want to try your local gym or try a class to find an exercise you like. Some classes you might like to try are yoga, dancing, Zumba®, or aerobics. You could contact your local community centre and see what classes they have on offer.

Exercise DVDs and or doing a workout on the Wii can be fun ways to exercise without leaving the house!

You can exercise on your own, but it can be more fun to try exercising with a friend or a family member.

For more tips on exercising, look at our Easy Read booklet on exercising:

Going for your Annual Health check

Once you turn 14, you should be invited for an Annual Health check with your GP.

It is important to go for your Annual Health check so your doctor can check that you are staying healthy.

Your GP may check your eyes, your ears, listen to your chest, do a blood test, and ask you some questions about your health.

You can ask your GP about your weight, and they can give you further tips on how to keep your weight healthy.

Have a look at Kate Powell’s blog on going for your Annual Health check on the DSA website:

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