Kate’s Holiday to Euro Disney

by Kate Powell, Down2Earth Magazine editor

A group of people from the Baked Bean theatre group and 3 staff came with us to Euro Disney. There were Jo, Jim and Danny. There were 13 of us travelling to Paris by Easyjet. We flew together; it was very nice, everyone on the plane was nice. Everyone was very excited about the holiday! We stayed at the Disney Lodges.

After we all unpacked our cases and settled in, we then went to the Disney Land Park. We went out for dinner in one of the restaurants’ this gave us a chance to get to know the Park and plan our full day. We went back to our lodge for an evening to chill out. The dinner was really tasty and good. We all had to get up and out early to the Walt Disney studios; how exciting that was!

I was in my element! We went on all went on the rides; it was an excellent time together as a group of friends.

We had a good breakfast in the park.  However it was a heat wave during the day, it was sunny so I got a sun tan now!

We were going on all the rides and taking in the experiences and shops! We had lunch passes to use during the day that was good.

During the evening, we would head back to our lodges and have dinner and then an evening swim.

We all took photos; we all had a whale of a time!

You can find some photos on the Baked Bean Company’s Facebook page.

We all saw the parades and had a chance to take pictures of the iconic Magic Kingdom Castle! It had its finale, it was full of colour and fireworks it was so beautiful and magical.

They added the songs of Disney to the display. It was the 25 years anniversary while we were there!

What a holiday!  It brought out the child in me and everyone. I absolutely loved everything! It will always be a magical place to me and everyone who hasn’t been it has been a wonderful moment that I hope I have shared with you.