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I’ve been thinking about how being independent is important for my life. I’ve been learning about how to be independent for many years such as learning the door code, travelling on my own and learning how to sign in and out. Work is important to me.

I keep all my shirts and trousers ironed. This means my carer doesn’t have to do this for me. She helped me learn how to do these things. I have also learnt how to use the washing machine on my own. I learnt how to use a computer on my own and this helps me with my work.

I was 23 when I learnt how to travel on the bus. It has taken a long time and I am still learning. If you can, try and learn how to use the bus. You can go to the council or your local civic centre to get a Freedom Pass. You can use this on busses, trains and other forms of public transport.


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Photo credit: Lauren Shears