I’m ‘the face’ of the Special Olympic Games 2021!

Shauna Hogan is no stranger to the spotlight. Her swimming career has seen her competing as far away as Los Angeles and Puerto Rico. She has now been chosen to be the face of the Special Olympic Games when it comes to Liverpool in 2021. She’s won countless medals and awards, and tells us what it’s like to be an Olympic medal winner…

How old were you when you learned to swim?

How old were you when you joined a swimming club?
12 when I joined Liverpool Penguins, 18 when I joined Cheshire Penguins.

What is your favourite swimming stroke?

How often do you train?
Twice a week.

How many swimming costumes do you have?

When did you first compete in the Special Olympics?
My first competition was the DS UK Championships in 2010 and I won gold medals. My first Special Olympic gala was in September 2010 and I won lots of medals.

How many medals have you won?
Hundreds, too many to count!

Where do you keep them?
Some are in a box and some are on display in our front room.

How do you feel about being an Olympic medal winner?
Very happy!

Which countries have you been to as an Olympic swimmer with the GB team?
I went to Special Olympic World Aquatics in Puerto Rico in 2012 and I went to the Southern California Special Olympic Summer Games in Los Angeles in 2014.

Which country do you like best?
I liked Los Angeles the best.

Are you excited about the Games coming to your home city of Liverpool in 2021?
Very excited!

How do you feel about being the face of the Games?
Important and famous.

Do you think you will ever stop swimming?

What would you say to other people thinking about learning to swim and to compete in competitions?
Go and try – it is fun!

Shauna also takes part in our WorkFit scheme, you can read about her experience here.