Heidi Crowter: My Court Case

You may have seen Heidi in the news talking about her campaign to change the abortion law. She got in touch and asked us to share this update on her campaign with you: 

Hi I am Heidi Anne Crowter I am 24 and I happen to have Down’s Syndrome but that has not held me back from living a fun and vibrant life.

I live on my own in a flat in Coventry and I do my own cooking, cleaning and I am also getting married on the 4th July 2020 (covid permitting). I am getting married to a man called James Bryn Carter who also has Down’s Syndrome and me and James both rock the extra chromosome.

When I found out that a typical baby can be aborted up to 24 weeks but a baby with Down’s Syndrome can be aborted up to birth it made me feel really upset and it makes me feel that I should not exist in this world.

So I am the first person with Down’s syndrome to take the UK government to court. My solicitor agrees with me that the law is discrimination. When my solicitor contacted the department of health they replied denying the claim and said that abortion is a matter of choice for the mother and that there is nothing wrong with the law! I do think there is something wrong with it, I think people should see the person behind the extra chromosome!

We have raised over £41,000 for the case. We have now filed the papers to the court. If the court case goes ahead it will be Nov, Dec or Jan. We will need more money for the court case then.

Please find out more here and donate if you can.

You can also follow me and my campaigning on my Facebook page Heidi Crowter – living the dream.

We’re just launching an Easy Read guide to my legal case, which you can read or download here. Thanks to the team at People First for their help with this.