Guest blog – Joshua

Joshua came to see Kate Powell at the Down’s Syndrome Association national office, to talk about what they both do and to learn about publishing the Down2Earth magazine. Josh has written a blog for us about his life.

I am Joshua and will be 25 years on September the 7th.

I have one brother and one sister, she has five children two sons and three daughters, that makes me an uncle five times. I have several cousins and even second cousins, an Aunt and Uncle. I am very lucky to be part of a big family. My uncle lives in New Zealand and all my other relatives are in the South East of England.

I love music, dancing, going to the theatre, parties, discos, drama and quieter moments I enjoy reading, my iPad, it’s amazing for information on anything. I want to produce or direct a show which can be shown at the Tunbridge Wells Assembly Hall (preferably).

I have “my girl Mandy” for three years now, we see each other about twice a week at day services. She is lovely and has dark curly hair and big brown eyes. We go on dates either for a meal or perhaps the cinema sometimes. I like to care for her on those occasions.

KatePowellAndJoshuaI have lived in supported living for about three years, and I will be moving on in October to learn more self-help skills and travel training. It’s nice to live with peers and friends as you can have lots of social time together. Mandy also lives in supported living but not with me!

Kind regards and best wishes


Thank you Joshua for telling us about your life!

If you would like to write a guest blog, or an article for the Down2Earth magazine, please email Kate on…she’d love to hear from you