“Growing up with Down’s syndrome” – Activities for Young Children

We are delighted to share 12 films made by Movimento Down, Brazil, which show activities for babies and toddlers guided by physiotherapist Alexandra Wakahara.

The short films describe activities and supports for children from birth to 3 months, 6 to 9 months, 9 to 12 months and for children older than 12 months.

Alice, Victor, Lunna and Lorena demonstrate the activities, beautifully.

Patricia Almeida of Movimento Down explains how the films came about:

“Access to up to date and accurate information can make a huge difference to the lives of people with Down syndrome. Movimento Down was created in Brazil to produce this kind of information and make it easily available to everyone. In Brazil and many developing countries, access to early intervention therapies outside big cities is scarce. Tutorial videos are easy to watch on mobile phones and to share on social media. Knowing that most of the public have access to Movimento Down’s content on Facebook through their phones, we paired up with In Press Group, via VBrand productions, with funding from Rio Filme, to produce the web series ‘Growing up with Down syndrome.”

We have supported the video’s translation into English so that even more people can watch the films.

We recommend parents discuss any of the activities shown with their child’s physiotherapist before undertaking them, so they know they are right for their child.

The tutorials are designed for children in four different age ranges:

Tutorial 1 – 0-3 months

Tutorial 2 – 0-3 months

Tutorial 3 – 9-12 months

Tutorial 4 – 9-12 months

Tutorial 5 – 6-9 months

Tutorial 6 – 6-9 months

Tutorial 7 – 9-12 months

Tutorial 8 – 6-9 months

Tutorial 9 – over 12 months

Tutorial 10 – older than 12 months

Tutorial 11 – older than 12 months

Tutorial 12 – older than 12 months

You can also view all of the tutorials on our YouTube channel.

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