Green Homes Grant: make energy improvements to your home (England)

Check if you’re eligible for the Green Homes Grant scheme and see what improvements can be made to your home:

The green home scheme launched by the government has gone live and applications can be made on the link above.

The grant will award up-to £5,000 to cover 2/3rds of the cost for everyone and up-to £10,000 to cover 100% of the cost for those on a qualifying benefit

The grant will help pay for energy efficient improvements to anyone who owns their own hone. Not all improvements are included and some are only covered if you have the primary measures carried out first. New condensing gas boilers are not covered under the scheme.

Primary measures include home insulation such as roof room or wall insulation and low carbon heat measures such as biomass boilers and solar thermal panels for water. Secondary measures include new outside doors, improvements to windows and also heating controls.

You do not need a home assessment to apply and it is always good to compare these costs against paying for it yourself.

You can call Simple energy advice on 0800 444202 for more information.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

For people living in Scotland, there is the warmer homes scheme and also an interest free loan scheme for boilers and insulation.

In Wales the Nest scheme can provide help with energy efficient boilers and insulation

In Northern Ireland there is a boiler replacement scheme offering grants of upto £1000 to replace boilers over 15 years old. Household income has to be below £40,000 to apply. Also a scheme to help with windows and insulation