going to the Opticians

Going  to  the    opticians

The  optician will   send   a   letter  to   you   to say when   your  next  visit  is   and   it tells  you  the date.

When you go for your visit, the  optometrist helps you.

They help you to  take  a seat  in  front of  a machine.

They shine a light in your  eyes and another machine puffs a small amount of air at your eyes.

Afterwards  the optician sees  you.  You have to take a seat in  a  big  chair. The optician is a friendly person.

They tell you  what they do.   They show you  the  alphabet  chart and  you  cover  one  eye , then the other eye.

They will  look   for  illnesses  in your eyes. They  can help you  to   find   the   right   glasses if you need them.

They  also measure  your   eyes     so you can  have   the   right      lenses in your glasses.

Going  to  the opticians   is  very   important.

Don’t    forget   that.