Get involved! Comments wanted about ESA and PIP assessments

The Work and Pensions Commons Select Committee are looking into the way Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) assessments are carried out.

They are asking parents to share their experiences and thoughts on how the process could be improved via an online forum.

We are currently preparing a written submission to the inquiry, including details of an issue that we hear about frequently – that assessors appear to lack insight much of the time and that the process of both the ESA and PIP assessment is demoralising for the person with Down’s syndrome.

The forum closes on Friday 10 November 2017.

If you have had an assessment, or are waiting for an assessment, for PIP or ESA, they would like to hear from you.

They would like to know:

  • Did you feel that the right decision on your entitlement to ESA/PIP was reached as a result of your initial assessment?
  • If not—what do you feel were the reasons for this?
  • If you have experience of Mandatory Reconsideration, did you find this stage effective and useful? How might it be improved?
  • Overall, how “claimant-friendly” did you find the assessment process?
  • What steps would you recommend taking to improve it?

Click here to submit your feedback via the online forum.