Film Review | By Vinay

What is your favourite movie right now?

My mum loves her dramas and I have been enjoying watching the news. My favourite film I have watched over 100 times is a film in Hindi which is also a comedy called Bajrangi Bhaijaan starring my favourite actor Salman Khan.

What is the story of this movie?  

Salman Khan plays Bajrangi, a follower of a Hindu God called Hanuman. Bajrangi is on a journey to take a six-year-old girl who cannot talk and who was separated in India from her parents, back to her hometown in Pakistan. It’s really funny. I really like it because it makes me laugh and this is why I have watched it many times.

What did you like best about the movie?  

The action scenes and the climax.

What did you like least about the film?  

It is a bit long, it is over two hours long. It is okay for me but it might be too long for some people!

Who was your favourite character in the movie?  

Salman Khan’s character Bajrangi

Would you recommend this movie to a friend?

Yes I definitely would!