E-Bike CARBO launches “Stay Healthy” initiative and donates $50 from all purchases to the Down’s Syndrome Association amid pandemic

Carbo, known for producing the world’s lightest electric bike, is launching a new initiative in a bid to keep cyclists active and motivated whilst practicing social distancing during the Coronavirus pandemic: The Carbo “Stay Healthy” campaign.

Lyne Berro, CEO, Carbo, says: ‘We strongly believe that staying active will help boost people’s mental health and well-being in general. Our e-bikes are a safe way to exercise, whilst keeping that crucial social distance. We are launching this initiative in the UK today, and hope this will inspire people to stay as healthy as possible whilst we go through these challenging times.’

Due to the fact that many Carbo customers are also facing financial uncertainty because of the pandemic, Carbo is offering free shipping on all bike models and is actively planning to launch a monthly payment scheme in the upcoming months.

CARBO supports the Down’s Syndrome Association, a cause close to CEO’s heart

As part of the “Stay Healthy” campaign, Carbo has decided to publicly support the Down’s Syndrome Association by donating $50 from all Carbo e-bike purchases world-wide.

Lyne Berro, CEO, Carbo, says: ‘Whilst the world’s media and policy makers put all their focus on eradicating the Coronavirus, many charities are finding it hard to raise any money. This is a cause very close to my heart as my sister has Down’s syndrome, and I know first hand how beneficial and crucial the support from this type of charity is.’

The Down’s Syndrome Association in the UK is a charity that supports and improves the lives of people with the condition. Around one in every 1000 babies born in the UK will have Down’s syndrome.

Carol Boys, CEO of the Down’s Syndrome Association, said about the new partnership: ‘We are very grateful to Carbo for choosing to support us at this time. While our focus at the moment is to support people who have Down’s syndrome, their families, and carers, through the coronavirus pandemic, we want to make sure that when things are back to normal we are able to continue our work creating the conditions that people with Down’s syndrome need to live full and rewarding lives. Ride Carbo’s generosity will help make that happen.’