DSA Health Series – booklets for babies and toddlers

Many babies and toddlers with Down’s syndrome will enjoy good health as they grow up – there are no medical problems that are unique to children with Down’s syndrome.

We want to ensure babies and young children are as healthy as they can be. We have produced a series of booklets for parents and carers covering a range of health and medical conditions, including sleep, gastrointestinal, eye and oral health care. The series contains some titles that are only relevant to babies and children and others that are about the health issues of teenagers and adults. The authors are professionals and specialists within each field.

The DSA answers questions on a range of medical conditions and the titles in this series reflect those most commonly asked about. Not every title will be relevant to your child; some people will experience some or none of these health issues:

If you have questions about health that are not covered by the Health Series, you can call us (Tel: 0333 1212 300) and speak to one of our Information Officers.

We want to make sure our resources are up to date and as useful as possible in terms of content, relevance and readability. If you have any comments about the Health Series or suggestions for new titles, please email stuart.mills@downs-syndrome.org.uk