Drumming workshops bring “something special” to School for Parents, Nottingham

By Jude Winwood, Creative Director, BeatFeet

Jude Winwood is a qualified Teacher with over ten years teaching experience in the UK and overseas. She has also been awarded a Masters in Ethnomusicology and Performance from The University of Central London (SOAS). Jude draws on her in-depth knowledge and experience to deliver drumming and rhythm workshops all over the UK.

I work with the Early Years group of children with Down’s syndrome at The School for Parents in Nottingham. We drum and sing and play lots of rhythm games.

My first visit to the school was in December 2016 when I was asked me to deliver a Christmas drumming and singing workshop for the young children who use their services. The children responded to and interacted really well with me, and each other, during the drumming and rhythm play, so the school asked me to return to work with small groups of children with Down’s syndrome on an ongoing basis.

One mum whose child attends the sessions says:

“The children see the drums being loaded into the playroom and already they’re singing and mimicking drumming on anything they can lay their hands on. It’s a really popular activity and gives us an opportunity to interact in a musical way with our little ones.”

Karen, the Leader of the group said:

“There’s definitely something special that goes on in the drumming workshops. As it’s such a different activity to the children’s everyday routine, they get really excited about the session and remember certain aspects of it, such as warming up the drum, actions in songs and all the silly bits that make drumming really memorable. It’s lovely to see.”

Here are some videos and pictures from one of my sessions: