Down2Earth – September Meeting

The meeting this month was about Healthy Living.  Firstly, we caught up with everyone’s news after the summer break, swapping stories of our holidays, our work and all the fun things we’d been up to.

We had a quick reminder about the group rules including one about respecting our environment and the lovely building which we’re lucky enough to have our meetings in.  We reminded each other about being kind and listening to other members when they speak.

We then had a chat about how we keep healthy and all the different ways we do this.  We talked about eating healthy foods including lots of vegetables and fruit and about maintaining a good weight.  Members suggested that eating a range of foods is a good idea and not eating too many fatty foods like biscuits, cakes and crisps – although we really enjoy these sometimes!  Other members suggested it’s good to make small changes to diet and to drink plenty of water.  We also talked about exercise and all the different ways we enjoy moving to keep fit including sport, using the stairs instead of the lift, walking more and dancing.

We then got into groups and made posters with more suggestions of how to keep fit and eat healthily.  Some members suggested that it’s also important to keep happy by doing things we enjoy doing like seeing friends, having fun and relaxing.

We then had lunch and ate sandwiches and fruit (and some crisps and chocolate mini rolls!)

After lunch members filled in a survey for DSActive about visiting our local leisure centre.

We all look forward to seeing you again at our next meeting on 7th October!