Down2Earth Meeting – January 2020

It was lovely to see so many members after the Christmas break!  We caught up with all our holiday news of family gatherings, meals out and even a holiday to Goa!

Our topic for the day was Housing and Where We Live.  Firstly, we watched a DSA video from our Supported Living Film Series.  We then had a discussion and filled out a questionnaire about where members lived, if they chose where they lived, who they lived with and whether they wanted to change where they lived.  A lot of people are very happy living with their families and some people live with friends and housemates in supported living where they enjoy independence.

We discussed whose choice it was where they lived and who they would go to if they had a problem where they lived. Mostly people didn’t want to change where they lived, although some weren’t happy with the area they lived in and some people wanted to live in a mansion with a swimming pool!

We then had a look at the DSA “Living the Way You Want” leaflet which talks about all the options for where people can live.

We look forward to seeing everyone again at our next session in February!