Down2Earth – July Meeting

We had a really great meeting on Sunday – our last before the summer break!  As always, we started by sharing all our news of parties, work and how much people are looking forward to their holidays.

We were very lucky to have a special guest this month, Andrew Self, who appeared on TV on The Greatest Dancer back in January.  Firstly we watched a video of Andrew on The Greatest Dancer which inspired us to think of all the hobbies and interests we have.

Here is the video of when Andrew performed on the show.

Our first activity was to answer some questions about our hobbies.  The questions were:

  • Why is it important to have hobbies and interests?

The group came up with many different answers including, learning new things, keeping fit, meeting people who like the same things and relaxing.

  • How does it make you feel when you are taking part in your favourite activity?

Members said that it makes them feel happy, good and calm.

  • Is there an activity that you would like to try that you have never done before?

There were lots of things the members would like to try!  They included photography, jet-skiing, breakdancing, golf, drumming and karate.

After the activity, we pushed the tables back and Andrew performed a dance for us!  We all agreed he was amazing!  We asked him lots of questions about his passion for dance, how long he’d been dancing and what different sorts of dancing he did.  We then put on some more music and some of the members joined in dancing with Andrew!

Before we finished for the day, we listed all our interests and hobbies and had a chat about them.  The members have so many, from disco dancing, spending time with cats, cooking, reading and face painting to taking the dog for a walk and going to the British Legion!

Hoping everyone has a great summer and we look forward to seeing you all in September!