Down2Earth group – National Citizen Service

Down2Earth were back in April, and they had visitors from the National Citizen Service (NCS), called Anna and Esha.

We started by introducing the NCS staff, who then explained about the 3 week long programmes they run for young people. (You can find out more about this here.)

They want to make sure that everyone can take part, and they want to help young people with Down’s syndrome get more involved.

The group told Anna and Esha what they enjoy doing in their summers, and what they enjoyed when they were younger.

We then spoke about the kind of support they might need to take part in these activities. This was harder to think about, but the group came up with some great ideas, including:

  • 1 – 1 support for young people
  • Help with hearing
  • Travel training
  • Help with budgeting and money, counting change
  • Help being understood
  • Visual resources
  • Help talking
  • Help with writing
  • Help with day to day tasks like hair washing
  • Help to not be lonely

Anna and Esha showed us some videos they have made to market their work. The group had some great suggestions for making them more accessible;

  • Use subtitles
  • Bigger text
  • Explain more
  • Voiceover
  • Show more activities
  • Show people having fun
  • Show people with Down’s syndrome

The group agreed that, with some help, lots of young people with Down’s syndrome would be interested in taking part.

We all had lunch together, chatted, shared some cakes and had a catch up. Lots of the group had good news stories that they shared too.

After lunch the group watched all of the WDSD ‘Listen to Me’ videos, which were excellent. Everyone was very pleased and proud to see themselves on screen. You can watch all the ‘Listen to Me’ videos here.

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