Down2Earth group – expressing ourselves

At the latest Down2Earth meeting, the group talked about different ways we express ourselves. Before we started work on this, the group shared their good news from the previous month.

The group discussed what we like to do to express ourselves. Some of the group talked about their drama productions they were apart of such as Bugsy Malone. Others talked about their favourite singer or band.

The group then looked at how different music makes us feel. We looked at a selection of songs based on different emotions such as happy, calm, excited and scared.

Next the group had lunch together and enjoyed some social time.

After lunch we got back to work, looking at creating our own performances to show how they wanted to express themselves either as a group, in pairs or as individuals. We had contemporary dance, famous movie moves, speeches, karate moves, a musical and a duet!

We had a great day all round. We hope that everyone has a lovely summer break and look forward to seeing you all in September.