Down2Earth – January Meeting

It was great catching up with everyone at Down 2 Earth on Sunday and sharing our news of all our Christmas and New Year celebrations. We’ve been very busy with family get-togethers, parties and pantomimes!

For the first part of the session, we looked at a draft booklet which has been written to teach primary school children about Down’s syndrome. We read through the booklet and then answered questions about what we thought of it. We looked at how easy it was to read, whether there were enough pictures, if there was anything we’d change about it and if we thought it would help young children to learn about their friends with Down’s syndrome.

After a delicious lunch, we had a chat about inclusion and how we feel if we are included or not included. We were given a sheet with examples of inclusion and we decided, in our groups, which showed good inclusion and which showed bad inclusion.

We look forward to seeing everyone at our next meeting on 3 February!

The Down2Earth group