Dance and drama

by Kate Powell, Down2Earth Magazine editor

In   dance   we  are  showing   a lot   of feelings   and  emotions   and   building  characters within   dance, and   drama   as   well.

To   show   people   what  we   do,   that’s  why  we  do  our  own   shows  that  we   love  doing  together   as  a  group, we  love  an  audience!

Because   they   get  to   have  a  good  time  seeing  us  perform   and  that   does   make   us feel good. That’s what makes us smile!

The Chilli Beans Music and Theatre Group  are  working   towards   a   lead  up   to  a Christmas show, something to laugh about!

The Larondina  dance  company   are  dancing in   the   DSA   Christmas   concert  that everyone will love and smile about.

Dance   and    drama   can  be   for    anyone,  it will   make  you   feel   like   dancing   and    singing   and   acting.   It   will   make   you   feel   great   about   yourself.

It did for me.

Here are some videos of people enjoying dancing and drama:

Here’s Kate herself talking about doing drama:

Bethan really loves dancing…

Bethan dances with a group called Corali. Here is another video showing the whole group performing:

John recently set up his own dance company:

Dance Syndrome is a dance group in Lancashire. It was set up by Jen Blackwell.

David and Rebecca are part of Larondina Dance Company: