Dad’s Birthday, Relaxation and Card Games | Kate’s Blog

by Kate Powell, Down2Earth Magazine editor

Last Friday was my Dads birthday, we spoke to my brother Richard and my sister Amy on the phone, while my Dad opened his presents. On Saturday we chatted with my brother Andrew and his girlfriend and ate some homemade mince pies they had posted us. They were delicious!

Sunday like usual we stayed in, we had our second mince pie that was yummy. For the rest of the day I did exercises and watched TV.

On Monday we tried a relaxation exercise that DSA are making. As part of my job they asked me to review it. It was very therapeutic. It was really good and is very good for your mind and for the body. If you wanted to you could do it as an everyday exercise for relaxation, it could be very useful for people and for anyone that wants to relax. The DSA will release it soon for everyone to use for free. I will put it in my blog when it is up. In the evening we played a card game and then did some exercises.

Tuesday, we did some gardening, we filled bird feeder and I helped to clear more of the borders. We then listened to the DSA relaxation recording which was very restful.

Staying busy is helping me stay happy at home.


Kate, Down2Earth Magazine Editor