Craig’s poetry #ListenToMe #MyVoiceMyCommunity

Pat and Craig Hartleyby Craig Hartley

Craig and his mum, Pat, have been featured on Yours Magazine’s website.

Here are two of Craig’s poems which he has kindly allowed us to share with you:

Troubles of a Boy

They cuff me and call me names

But one day I will rise to fame

The world is just a game

I’m changing into a man

There are things that I can’t do and can

At school I’m treated like a fool

To be a man you have to be cool

At night when I go to bed

I wish and wish that I was dead

When I waken up I find

I’m still going through life’s grind

Sometimes I wander from the path of life

And find myself on the path of strife.

At every step I take I fall.

But I will get to my true goal.


One Man’s Struggle

I’ll follow my heart wherever it leads

No organisation will sway me

I will stand firm, my honour uphold

Even though I am deterred by those who oppose me

I follow my river of strength

Alone, in the vast sea, engulfed in my own dreams

Will I be dashed against the rocks?

Or will I be able to defy the tide?

But I strike out regardless through the velvet darkness

One man’s struggle to face the odds.