Clearing clutter and focusing on what is important | Kate’s Blog

Down2Earth Magazine Editor, Kate Powell, shares some more ideas on staying well at home. She has kept busy and is in very good spirits.

I am still making sure that I keep busy and for today’s blog I choose to write about a normal day when social distancing at home.

I decided to clean out one of my cupboards. This was an opportunity to decide what I could get rid of. I started with books, then DVDs, and CDs, I felt better after this as they were collecting dust and the more things that are cleared, the less dust there is. I also feel more organised and independent after.

After lunch we watched Peter and the Wolf online, a ballet from The Royal Opera House, we found it on YouTube. It is available for free until 26 of April. You can also find the National Theatre on YouTube.

We watched Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, we had seen this before, but we enjoyed seeing it again. This Friday there will be another Andrew Lloyd Webber show.

You can find the National Theatre videos here.

As the weather has improved, I have carried on having a short walk locally and working in the garden. My brothers and sisters’ phone every day and we join our neighbours clapping for the NHS on Thursdays. I’ve been enjoying the DSA audio relaxation exercise each day, I find this a great help. I also recommend an exercise routine if you can manage it. I have started using my Wii again, after a long time. The bowling and energetic dance routines are great. The exercise makes me feel good and energised.

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Down2Earth Magazine Editor