Ciara tells us about her hopes and dreams

This is a guest blog from Ciara. 

Hi, I’m Ciara and I’m 17.

My dreams for the future are living in New York and to be an actress in movies and also to be a fashion designer.

The reason I love modelling so much is because I want to be a model, that’s why. I love fashion and looking at fashion on the internet. I also like make-up.

I feel happy and excited to be part of the latest DownRight Amazing photo campaign. Magdalena the photographer is great fun. I love her photos. I loved being photographed as a model.

My hobbies are swimming and Judo. I swim with the Down Syndrome GB squad. I am going to the European DS Championships in Sardinia in September. I went to the Swedish LD Judo Open championships at half-term. I won my first ever gold. I was so proud and happy.

I’m into WWE and watching Glee. I’m super into One Direction and JLS. I enjoy doing colouring-in and script-writing.

I have a big family. I have two sisters and one brother. I have 19 cousins and I have loads of friends from Primary and Secondary School.

Ciara is taking part in the DownRight Amazing Christmas project, which will feature 24 models for an advent calendar.

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Photo credit: Magdalena Sztechman