Caitlin’s Greeting Cards

Caitlin is 17-years-old and has lots of hobbies. Caitlin’s father, Mark, is part of Team 21 and was meant to be running in this year’s London Marathon which unfortunately was cancelled due to coronavirus.

To support her father, Caitlin has decided to combine one of her hobbies, photography and art, to help raise funds for the Down’s Syndrome Association (DSA). Caitlin has taken some beautiful photos of Richmond Park and with the help of her Art Teacher, Sue, has made them into greeting cards to sell.

To order a pack, please email Please see Caitlin’s flyer below.

To get to know Caitlin more, we sent her some questions to answer:

How would you describe yourself? 

Sporty, funny and hard-working. I love dancing, singing, horse riding, swimming – they’re cool and awesome.

Why did you pick Art as a GCSE? Are you taking any other classes? 

Because I am very creative, and I love hands-on projects and visiting museums and galleries. I also take Photography and a Btec in Travel and Tourism, Math and English.

The photos on your cards are gorgeous.
Where are they taken and what inspired you to take the photos? 

The photos were taken in Richmond Park and I take photos there as part of my school work. I walk my dog Nero in the park and the pictures on the cards remind me of that.

You are very kindly supporting the DSA by selling your photos as greeting cards.
Why have you decided to do this? 

This started as a way to support my dad running Marathon for the DSA.

If you could take photos of anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I would go to Sardinia because they have magnificent beaches and the ice cream is so good too. The pools there are really cold but I would love to go there.

As well as art and photography, what other hobbies do you have? 

Horse Riding, swimming, drama, DOFE and Lamda.

What are your dreams for the future? 

A swimmer, a runner, a coach, teacher assistance, pet vet, gardener, read and poetry.

Who is your hero? 

My hero is the actor Christopher Walken.

Do you have anything else to say to our readers? Any advice? 

Never give up, work hard, never quit and have fun.

Thank you for spending the time to answer our questions Caitlin and thank you for your hard work to raise such vital funds for the DSA!

If you would like a pack of Caitlin’s greeting cards, with a suggested donation of £5, please email:

If you would like to make an additional donation to Caitlin and her Dad, please click here.