Bryony’s Great North Swim challenge

Bryony is an aspiring journalist and has written a guest blog about a swimming challenge she took on…

I wanted to do the Great North Swim in Windermere on June 9 2018 because I thought it would be interesting to do, also a challenge as well and it will be good for me. I saw it on Facebook and I thought I want to do that and it’s a good idea.

St John’s Hospice is a charity in Morecambe and my two grandads died there and other family too. It’s a charity I want to raise for because it’s a local charity and caring and friendly. Lisa works in St John’s hospice and I went to see her in person and said, “I would like to help you by raising money by doing the Great North Swim.”

There is a site called everyday hero. It’s a fundraising page and it’s another way to contribute money for me to do the Great North Swim. Also to leave comments. I had lots of positive comments on there as well as lots of money given. It was very generous of everyone to do that.

The Runners Centre is in Lancaster and Ian Bailey works there. He donated a free wetsuit. Ceri Smith also offered open water swimming lessons. Both Ian and Ceri were in awe of my determination. I am very grateful that they helped me.

First I made a target of £500 to start with, then when it got to £500 I made a new target to £750 which then came up to £1000. The total I raised in the end was £1328.33.

The training was hard and the water was cold but I soon got used to it. My brother Rupert and his girlfriend Lauren came to do the swim with me. Rupert swam at the side of me all the way. It took us one hour and 19 minutes to finish. I got a medal and a T-shirt and I absolutely loved every minute. There were lots of people cheering us at the end. Then I had a pint of beer.

A couple of weeks later I took the money in to St John’s hospice and they were very pleased.

That is my story of the Great North Swim of 2018.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Bryony, well done!