Blue Badge News

The Government has clarified the blue badge criteria.

Many of our members who previously received automatic entitlement to a blue badge (because they were awarded DLA mobility under the SMI criteria), no longer qualified for it once they moved to PIP because there is no criteria for behavioural issues.

The requirement (for automatic blue badge) was changed so people needed at least 8 points from the ‘moving around’ section.

Many of our members found that although they qualified for the full 12 points in the ‘planning and following a journey’ section and therefore the enhanced rate of the mobility component, this gave no automatic entitlement to the blue badge.

This only affected people living in England and Northern Ireland.  Scotland and Wales still qualified.

There was a consultation in January this year which we responded to.  Common sense has prevailed and those who lost their badge after the onset of PIP should be able to successfully apply for the badge once again early next year.

You can see the statement from the department for transport below.