Blue badge consultation – have your say

The Government is looking at the way the Blue Badge scheme currently works for people with non-physical disabilities.

For those receiving higher rate DLA mobility component, there is an automatic entitlement to the Blue Badge. Unfortunately this isn’t the case with Personal Independence payment if you live in England or Northern Ireland.

You may find that you have been awarded 12 points in the ‘planning and following a journey’ section, but to obtain an automatic Blue Badge, you have to have scored 8 points from the ‘moving around’ section( this means that your walking is limited to less than 50 metres).

Some of our members qualified for the higher rate of the DLA mobility under regulations regarding behaviour and would receive the Blue Badge with no problem.

This criteria does not exist under PIP, so the same claimants moving on to PIP and awarded the enhanced rate mobility component under the ‘planning and following a journey’ section, would no longer automatically qualify for a blue badge as they would also need 8 points from the ‘moving around section’.

People living in Scotland and Wales automatically qualify for the blue badge if they score 12 points in the ‘planning and following a journey’ section of PIP. We think this should be the same for the people living in England and Northern Ireland.

If you would like to be part of the Governement’s consultation on who is eligible for a Blue Badge, visit the website. You can read the full consultation paper and then either submit your response online, as an individual or as an organisation, or by downloading a form to complete and return via email or post.

This is the relevant page on

We will be sending in a response from the DSA.