Awareness Week


Me and my Health Book!

Awareness Week 2014

What is Awareness Week?

Awareness Week is about raising awareness and Giving  People with Downs  syndrome full  filled  lives  this Year we are  talking  about health.

What is happening in Awareness Week 2014?

We  have  done  a health Book  its  helping  People with

Downs syndrome  telling  Doctors about their health

There  is  going  to be a  Big Step Forward  on Sunday  its  Part

Of  People  fundraising  for the  DSA it’s the  way of making

A  difference

Why is health important for people with Down’s syndrome?

Health  makes you  feel brighter

What do you do to stay healthy?

I  am  a Swimmer  and. I  dance and  acting  that  what makes me  healthy. I  take  control of  being  active.

I  eat  my  five  a  day  everyday and  drink water

I  cant  eat  certain  foods  for dinner  it has to be vegetables in it


My healthy lunch!

What are your tips for being healthy for people with Down’s syndrome?

  • Have Vitamins  in your food
  • Drink lots of Water  everyday
  • Keep your eyes healthy
  • Keep  up with exercise
  • Keep your  brain healthy  by exercise your mind