Artist Tazia Fawley to take part in London exhibition

This article was written by Tazia Fawley who is a talented artist represented by Heart & Sold

Hello – my name is Tazia and I am an artist. I am writing this because I am going to be part of an exhibition in London called 4 Plus 1. It is an exhibition of four printmakers and me. I’m the plus one! It is going to be exciting. And I hope people come.

I am exhibiting five acrylic paintings and also prints of my paintings.

I hope that people will enjoy looking at my paintings, Christmas cards and prints.

I use acrylic paint in all of my paintings, I find that they make really good colours. And I enjoy mixing paint and creating my own colours. Colour is most important to me and I love finding colours that really look amazing next to each other.

In the past I have exhibited with Heart & Sold, in London, New York and Manchester. Heart & Sold is an organisation that promotes artists with Down’s syndrome. They have organised exhibitions which I have also been a part of. I enjoy the Heart & Sold exhibitions because it is always interesting to see the work of other artists. I have also had four exhibitions locally in Somerset.

As well as using paint, I like to make cut outs. I went to the Matisse exhibition in London twice and I loved his cut-outs, and when I came home to my studio in Somerset I couldn’t wait to try out a new medium. Since then I have done a number of large and very bright cut-outs, and it was very exciting to sell my first one at a Heart & Sold exhibition in Salford Manchester.

I am experimenting now more with the cut-outs, and I am using paint, glitter pens and card in the two works that I am doing. It is the first time that I am trying out different media together, so it is a new adventure.

Last year I went to Greece and went to an old part of Athens where my parents used to live and decided that I would like to do a painting of the place as a birthday present for my mum. Although the painting is in the exhibition it is not for sale as it is my mum’s.

I have been painting for most of my life and I spend a few hours each day painting. It is very important to me.

4 Plus 1 takes place 18-19 November at the Avondale Gallery in North London. For further information, please visit or email

Thank you for writing this for us Tazia – good luck with the exhibition!