A busy couple of weeks | Kate’s blog

It has been a very busy couple of weeks. First we celebrated Mother’s Day. My sister came to the garden and left a tray of cakes, sandwiches, chocolates and flowers. This was a lovely spread for a mother’s day tea which we enjoyed very much.

My presentation for the World Down Syndrome Day celebration was on the 15 of March. It was a live recording and was shown with all the other presentations worldwide. I hope it went well!. On the actual World Down Syndrome Day I wore my Down Syndrome t-shirt and mismatched Socks.

On St Patricks Day, I wore my Irish hat which is covered in Shamrocks and celebrated with a glass of Irish Coffee which was very tasty. We watched Comic Relief; I wore my Comic Relief T-shirt and we all put on our red noses.

All through, I have been quite busy, I still managed to fit in my usual zoom meetings.

Stay safe everybody. Kate