50 Paintings Of My Sister

Rebecca Hindle has just finished her degree in Fine Arts and her final installation was this collection of paintings of her sister, Charlotte, who has Down’s syndrome. She chose to do this to raise awareness and to show the different sides of Charlotte’s personality. We think you will agree, it is an amazing piece of artwork!

We asked Charlotte what it was like having your portrait painted and she said: ‘It’s nice, I think I loved it’. We also asked Charlotte what her favourite thing to do with her sister was, and she said: ‘I like to hug and kiss her, and go in the garden’.

Here is what Rebecca had to say about her artwork:

This collection of work resembles personal perception of identity and the way society pushes certain views on disability. The series of acrylic and oil paintings on A4 wood represent the life of my sister, Charlotte, who has Down’s syndrome. This is a disability many people have not been educated on and may assume that people with Down’s syndrome wont live a fulfilled life. I want this exhibition to show that is not the case at all.

These hyper realistic paintings are from photographs that resemble Charlotte’s day-to-day life. She has no limitations and is very accepting of who she is and does not care about societies views. This is where the issue lies – people form judgements of what Down’s syndrome is.

This exhibition highlights boldness and power. The numerous paintings encourage the public to take a closer look and see the piece as a whole or as individual pieces. This also reflects the concepts around the paintings – engaging with the disability and foremost, the individual who has it.

Charlotte is happy and content with a great life – and has Down’s syndrome.

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