Celebrating my birthday

By Hannah It was my 30th birthday at the end of June. I asked for Donations instead of birthday presents to help people like me with Downs’ Syndrome to help them with Jobs and to find work. Workfit has helped me and I am so happy in my admin support job. I like to raise […]

An anxious week | Kate’s Blog

This has been an anxious week as dad was in hospital. We were expecting him home on Wednesday but he finally came home on Thursday evening. We were all pleased to see him. My older sister came from Finchley to visit. She brought her dog Tilly with her. Tilly is a border terrier and is […]

Father’s Days | Kate’s blog

Last week we watched Small Island, a play filmed last year at the National Theatre. It was an incredible story with wonderful acting. Father’s Day lots of cards arrived and it was spent here with us all pleased to see four relatives who brought an afternoon tea. We had scones, jam and cream and cakes […]

Meet Mercy and her Big Sister, Hannah

Hannah is a 22 year old Fashion Media and Promotion student who has just finished university. Her final project was inspired by her little sister, Mercy… “My main inspiration for this project came from my youngest sister, Mercy, who is a nine year old fashion-lover who has Down’s Syndrome. I planned to create a ‘Young […]