Information about Down’s syndrome for the NHS in Wales

Public Health Wales recently released the latest version of their leaflet ‘Information for women offered further tests for suspected chromosomal conditions’. This document is designed for women who have chosen to take up the offer of screening and who have received a higher chance screening result. We believe it is imperative that the official information provided to […]

Blue Badge News

The Government has clarified the blue badge criteria. Many of our members who previously received automatic entitlement to a blue badge (because they were awarded DLA mobility under the SMI criteria), no longer qualified for it once they moved to PIP because there is no criteria for behavioural issues. The requirement (for automatic blue badge) […]

Stunning image of the Seven Sisters by Norfolk photographer Emily Buck is winner of My Perspective 2018

Emily Buck has been announced as the overall winner of the Down’s Syndrome Association’s (DSA) international photographic competition, My Perspective 2018. Emily said of her winning image, Seven Sisters: “I like the contrast between the blue sky and the white cliffs and the different shapes of the beach and sea.” Emily also won the competition […]

Tell It Right® Update – the DSA’s work relating to the roll-out of NIPT within NHS settings in England and Wales

In the run up to the roll out of NIPT in England, the DSA and other organisations and parent focus groups, including Down’s Syndrome Research Foundation and SOFT-UK, who support families of children with Edwards or Patau’s syndromes, have been working, within limits, with the Public Health England (PHE) Fetal Anomaly Screening Programme. In addition, Public […]

Response to the Church of England’s discussion paper – ‘Valuing People with Down’s Syndrome’

We understand the concern that surrounds the proposed introduction of NIPT in NHS settings. The impact of the new test will be monitored, as recommended by the Nuffield Council on Bioethics last year, but at the moment we don’t yet know what effect offering NIPT more widely will have. The need for up-to-date, accurate, information […]

Tell It Right® Update – reaching professionals in the run up to the proposed introduction of non-invasive screening tests for Down’s syndrome

During the second half of 2017 we have been working with Public Health England, The Fetal Anomaly Screening Programme (FASP) and Antenatal Screening Wales to improve the quality of information that is provided to women at all stages of their pregnancy – from the beginning of their contact with their midwife (when options for antenatal […]