Celebrating my birthday

By Hannah It was my 30th birthday at the end of June. I asked for Donations instead of birthday presents to help people like me with Downs’ Syndrome to help them with Jobs and to find work. Workfit has helped me and I am so happy in my admin support job. I like to raise […]

Global meeting with DSi | Kate’s Blog

  My week includes similar activities such as dance and exercising. Speaking to my friends on the phone, reading, gardening, housework and some cooking! The interesting exceptions was when I was asked to join a Zoom meeting with Down Syndrome International. Questions were asked to all of us from the Nepal, Mongolia, Tanzania and me […]

Heidi Crowter: My Court Case

You may have seen Heidi in the news talking about her campaign to change the abortion law. She got in touch and asked us to share this update on her campaign with you:  Hi I am Heidi Anne Crowter I am 24 and I happen to have Down’s Syndrome but that has not held me […]

Week 10 of Lockdown | Kate’s Blog

This is week 10 of the lockdown. Looking back I have spent many hours on Zoom, exercising, dancing and acting. After two family quiz’s, singing and talking, these were my favourite times. The glorious weather, apart from short walks, our garden is where I spent most of the time. I have even got a bit […]

Caitlin’s Greeting Cards

Caitlin is 17-years-old and has lots of hobbies. Caitlin’s father, Mark, is part of Team 21 and was meant to be running in this year’s London Marathon which unfortunately was cancelled due to coronavirus. To support her father, Caitlin has decided to combine one of her hobbies, photography and art, to help raise funds for […]

Calling Friends and Weights | Kate’s Blog

Each day I have been following the same routine a local walk with one of my parents, speaking to my friends and family on my telephone and on certain days joining my dance group with dancing and acting. A new activity is exercising with weights. I hope to increase my stamina over the coming weeks. […]

Independence | Vinay’s Blog

I’ve been thinking about how being independent is important for my life. I’ve been learning about how to be independent for many years such as learning the door code, travelling on my own and learning how to sign in and out. Work is important to me. I keep all my shirts and trousers ironed. This […]