Marmalade | Kate’s Blog

The bank holiday weekend weather was disappointing. We were hoping to go somewhere nice to sit in the sun and have a picnic but no such luck. Instead we did most of the gardening and a local walk. What we always enjoy with breakfast is toast with marmalade especially if it’s homemade! It tastes much […]

Morning Routine | Vinay

I have new morning routines now that I am swimming again. I have a lovely shower before having a quick pre swim snack, I have a chicken and mayo sandwich. After my swim I put my towels in the washing machine. When I am waiting for my washing I keep myself entertained by listening to […]

Grandparents | Kate’s blog

On Sunday we went to the cemetery and took flowers to lay on nan’s grave as it had been her birthday this week. Although she died many years ago, I still miss her and remember her as one of my best friends. Recently at home, we have talked about the grandparents and what they would […]

A poem by Kate

The weather has been fine for the past week. Everything in the garden is springing into life. The tomato plants we grew from seeds and raised on our windowsills are ready to pot on and we will plant them out sometime next month. While I was in the garden, I composed this poem: What a […]

A trip to Richmond Park | Kate’s blog

Last week we went Richmond Park and the Isabella Plantation. The plantation is encircled by a iron fence to keep out the herds of deer and its famous for its wonderful displays of Rhododendrons and Azalea plants. It was too early in the season and only a few plants were in bloom, but later in […]

My favourite holiday | Vinay

I want to talk about my favourite holiday which was a trip to the Canary Islands a few years ago. I remember it was so hot you wouldn’t even believe it! I love this trip I remember seeing all of the artwork and scenery. I enjoyed swimming in the sea with the fish it was […]

Spring flowers | Kate’s Blog

Hi, what a lovely day it was yesterday! The spring flowers are blooming, the tomato seedlings planted 20 days ago are doing well! there is lots of hard work to be done in the garden in the coming weeks. The grass needs cutting, the garden gate needs repairing and painting. We have sown lots!  I […]