Vinay’s tips for exercising at home

Vinay, our colleague at the DSA, is very keen on exercise and health. He’s shared some top tips with us on how to keep fit and healthy at home. He first wrote this list for winter exercise, but it is just as important to stay active while we are being asked to stay at home. […]

‘Don’t call me “Down’s”‘

Emma Bishop is 40. She has a boyfriend, a job, loves reading, and is godmother to her niece Annabella. She also has Down’s syndrome. This Saturday (21 March) is World Down Syndrome Day, a chance to raise awareness, champion inclusion and celebrate the people with Down’s syndrome who play a vital role in our lives […]

‘The Good Hawk’ Review: By Maya

‘The Good Hawk is an epic, fantasy adventure set in a mythic version of Scotland where fearsome warriors, magical creatures, and deadly secrets lurk in every shadow. One of the two protagonists is a fifteen-year old girl called Agatha. She is funny, kind, impulsive and loyal, and she also happens to have Down’s syndrome. The novel […]

Down2Earth Meeting – February 2020

We had an exciting time at our meeting last Sunday!  A photographer called Richard Bailey came and ran a very special photography workshop for Down2Earth members in the beautiful Normansfield Theatre. After everyone had introduced themselves and shared their news, we had a slideshow of some of the photos that had been entered into the […]