Mum launches new language cards

New mum Becca approached us as she has designed a range of digital social media cards. She wants to help share with people the terminology she would like to see used when talking about her son Arthur. The cards are available on our website for people to download and use to help spread the word. […]

A bit of a splash

A guest post by Liz of Coraline and Us Liz and Kevin are parents to Coraline who is just coming up to her first birthday. Liz writes a beautiful blog called Coraline and Us. You can also find the family on Facebook and Instagram. As Liz puts it on her About Us page, after Coraline […]

All newborn children with Down’s syndrome should receive leukaemia test under new guidelines

Landmark new genetic testing has been developed to detect signs of a potentially fatal condition that can develop into full blown leukaemia in children with Down’s syndrome.  Early intervention greatly increases survival chances for children who develop symptoms. All children with Down’s syndrome will receive a blood test within three days of birth to identify […]

Speech and language – practical activities

Girl with Down's syndrome headshot

By the Information Team This factsheet has some ideas and activities to help babies and toddlers learn to communicate. It is split into five sections: How to develop your child’s attention and listening skills. How to develop you child’s play skills. How to develop your child’s social interaction skills. How to develop your child’s speech […]

Why take part in research?


by the DSA Information Team Being the parent of a new baby or toddler is a busy time with many demands. You may be approached by researchers who want you to take part in their projects. Here at the Down’s Syndrome Association we try to provide information about research projects that have gone through our vetting […]

We are seeking new funding to expand our vital Tell It Right, Start It Right training for maternity services.

Many of you will have been following recent media coverage of revised prenatal screening tests for Down’s syndrome. It is likely that new Non Invasive tests (NIPT) will, in certain circumstances, be made available to women, as part of their antenatal care.  The proposed changes highlight the ongoing need for expansion of our Tell It […]