Exciting times at Heart & Sold

by Emma Lambert, Heart & Sold At the end of October, Heart & Sold will be showing at one of the UK’s leading art fairs, the Buy Art Fair in Manchester. It’s an exciting prospect – we will be there, exhibiting and selling the work of our 33 artists, alongside hundreds of ‘typical’ artists. This […]

My Experience as a DSA Volunteer

By Emma Payne, DSA Volunteer I had the opportunity to start volunteering with the DSA in April.  I had been made redundant and I wanted to start giving something back to my community.  The only contact I’d previously had of anyone with Down’s syndrome was when my colleague at work gave birth to a boy with […]

Volunteer to help people with Down’s syndrome

Connecting employers and employees with Down’s Syndrome    WorkFit is a service which turns the ‘supported employment’ concept on its head. It’s a tailored service dedicated to training employers about the Down’s syndrome learning profile. Finding the right employment opportunities, for the right people. Supported employment is not an end destination but a stepping stone in […]